We have years of expertise in all types of electrical installations. Apollo Electrical Solutions is dedicated to providing high-class electrical installations that meet all standards and requirements. Our installations are completed by assessing the entire building and speaking closely to understand the specific needs of the customer. Our thorough inspections and assessments allow us to plan the most effective and efficient electrical installations.

Delivering a High-Quality Level of Service

We provide excellent upgrades and installations for circuit panels and breakers. These are an integral part of any electrical system since they control the flow of electricity and act as a breaker. If you need new circuits installed in any part of your building, then we can provide a suitable solution. Additionally, if you need a new electrical outlet at a more suitable location, we can work with you to find the best space for installation.

Reliable and Trustworthy Electricians

You can also benefit from the installation of new interior and exterior lighting fixtures. We offer many types of lighting fixtures to suit your specific needs. Additionally, our team offers electrical devices installation services. Whether you need new ceiling fans, bathroom fans, dryer and washer plugs, you can depend on our services.

Outstanding Repairs and Installations

If your home is missing smoke or carbon detectors, then we can install them too.
Whatever your specific requirements, you can rely on our team to work closely with you to match your goals. We offer a range of exceptional electrical installation services that utilize the best equipment.

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