You can rely on Apollo Electrical Solutions for outstanding surge protection. It has never been more important to ensure that electrical devices are adequately surge protected. We are specialists in creating surge protection devices that are highly effective.

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The damage from an electrical surge can go into the thousands, which is vital to have the correct protections in place. Expensive electrical equipment can be very difficult to replace for businesses, which makes it vital to have adequate protections in place.

Reliable and Trustworthy Electricians

Surges are large spikes in voltage that have the potential to cause serious damage to electrical components due to overload. Some surges can even risk injury or death to the people near the electrical systems. For safety reasons, it is vital that your building is completely surge protected.

Outstanding Repairs and Installations

Our commercial and residential surge protection service will allow you to protect all of your electrical systems. Energy surges can occur for a variety of reasons such as atmospheric conditions and wiring faults. We can identify all faults and provide preventative measures to ensure that the risk of surges is minimized.

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